Las Vegas Bonded Bunnies Needing Forever Homes

The bunnies shown below are all fixed and ready for forever homes. Please go to the Adoption Rules page if you are seriously considering adopting any of these bunnies.



Annie - 2 Years Old
Annie – 2 Years Old
Smokey - 1 Year (Born July 2015)
Smokey – 1 Year (Born July 2015)













Annie & Smokey
Annie & Smokey










Smokey & Annie's Temp Home

Smokey & Annie’s Current Home




Smokey (male) and Annie (female) are a bonded pair. Both were originally in a colony that was living under our shed but were brought inside due to injuries (Annie eye – fully healed and Smokey attacked by a cat – fully healed but hair still growing back).  Both are “fixed” and ready for the right forever home together. Smokey is laid back and sweet while Annie was the leader of the entire colony and is now the leader of 1.



Chance & Rumour
Chance (Born?) & Rumour (Born March 2015) – 1 Year Old

Ducky, Rumour & Chance

Ducky (likely not up for adoption), Rumour & Chance



Chance (male) and Rumour (female) are a bonded pair. Rumour was born in the original colony that was living under are shed but was brought inside due to a leg injury (Displaced hip bone).  Chance was found with bite wounds from bunnies attacking him about a block from our house so we don’t know his actually age. BOTH have great personalities and cuddle together all the time.  Both are “fixed” and ready for the right forever home together. Ducky is bonded with the two as well but is my daughters bunny who bonds easily with other bunnies.


Please email us at [email protected] if you are interested in giving either of these bonded pairs a home.