MORE BUNNY DEATHS & SUFFERING (Warning graphic photo below)

Bunny deaths and suffering continue at the Las Vegas Dump Site (State Mental Health Facility) not to mention the 115 degree heat this past week.  This weekend I went across town to meet with three new volunteers for Bunnies Matter (minutes from Stacey’s house) while Stacey met with people at a park near my house who are helping feed the bunnies at a State Park (funny huh).  All three know a lot about animal rescue and one lady was very informed on bunnies and the situation in Vegas which is really encouraging.  Just near the warrens, we saw two dead adult bunnies that looked like they have been hit by cars recently, which happens all the time at this site.  Anyway, I’m still in touch with the State people and I’m hoping they will find a way to work with us to stop the breading and bunny suffering (broken legs and death by cars mostly). Sorry for the graphic photo below but if people don’t see the suffering after the continued breeding, this problem will never go away.

Las Vegas Bunnies keep dying a the Dump Site



UPDATE: Bunny Deaths and Suffering Continue

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