Helping bunnies in Las Vegas is tough.

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The shelters and rescue groups in Las Vegas are over-full and needing donations to take care of the bunnies they already have, many are unorganized and some rescues  and rescue groups have even been counter-productive in the work they have done or in the work they should be doing.  Education is severely lacking in this town about rabbits, that is for sure, but there are some efforts and groups like  and BunniesMatterInVegasToo (donations severely needed) that are trying to help educate the public here in Las Vegas.

Some good news this week. Last night Channel 13 Action News did a news story on the Las Vegas dump site bunnies and a bunny dumping problem that has gone on for 20 years. This news story did not all of a sudden magically appear out of nowhere. A group of us have been working very hard behind the scenes to get a story out that was supposed to go out last year but didn’t go out because of all the disorganization and bunny rescue infighting going on in this town, which has been counter-productive and in the end, only hurts the bunnies.  CLICK HERE to see the KTNV report in its entirety. Unfortunately it didn’t show all the bunny suffering that is going on out there (starving and injured bunnies) but it’s a start at getting the message out about the severe bunny problem here in Las Vegas.

Helping bunnies in Las Vegas makes me feel like I am standing in quicksand some days. The more you try to help, the more bunnies who desperately need help come your way and it doesn’t take long before you are completely overwhelmed with daily requests to take someone’s bunny they don’t want anymore. We are currently trying to work with the State and a 401(c)3 rescue to help get the bunnies at the Las Vegas bunny dump site the help they so desperately need. Our goal is to stop the bunny suffering as much as we can by not only feeding and watering them, but also by stopping the crazy reproduction cycle that have apparently been going on for 20 years.

Thanks and have a bunny day!

Helping Bunnies in Las Vegas is Tough

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