Las Vegas Bunnies – ADOPTION RULES

1. We do not “sell” bunnies (there is a $50 adoption fee that doesn’t even cover the minimal vet cost to spay or neuter a single bunny).
2. A house check is required.
3. You will not get a bunny the same day.
4. Bunnies are “indoor only” pets. They can go outside for supervised play time with proper equipment however.
5. You MUST have ALL the appropriate bunny supplies BEFORE you will be given a bunny. X-Pen(s), litter boxes, litter, pellets, water dishes, Timothy Hay, etc.
6. We do not adopt out to anyone with LARGE DOGS or VERY YOUNG CHILDREN. We’ve seen too many accidents.
7. The rabbits we have are abandoned bunnies we’ve rescued, we don’t breed rabbits.
8. If you are not EDUCATED on rabbits, you need to study up on them before you want to adopt one of ours.
9. All of our rabbits are 3 and under and bunnies can live to be 15 so keep this in mind! If I don’t think you can make this commitment, don’t adopt a bunny.
10. Rabbits are considered an exotic pet, they are not cheaper than a dog or a cat.  A vet bill can be very expensive and can pop out of nowhere.
11. You will have to fill out paperwork.